Jim Tananbaum Accepts the Entrance of a new Venture Partner to Foresite Capital

Dr. Molly He, the former director at Illumina recently got his leadership position at the Foresite Venture. Doctor He has been in this industry for a decade and a half with experience in pharmaceutical and genomic research and development. She is ranked on Business Wire as one of the most respected scientists in genomic research field as well as drug development. An exceptional record of accomplishment in the leadership of pharmaceutical companies. These experiences are regarded as an invaluable addition to Foresite and will go a long way in contributing towards the success of the company.

Dr. He was responsible for a number of things when he served as a senior director at Illumina. Top among these include being in charge of the company’s protein reagent innovations and improvements. In the early years into her career she spent her time focusing on structural based designed antibodies and small molecular drugs that were used in the treatment of cancer and their immune diseases.

Foresite continues to be one of the most respected companies and investor in healthcare. The company is well known for investing in some of the most innovative ideas with the aim of improving healthcare. Dr. He is therefore very excited about joining the Foresite Venture and being part of the success that the team is known for delivering.

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About Jim Tananbaum

Dr. Jim Tananbaum serves as the chief executive officer at Foresite capital management. He founded the company in 2011. He has also been a cofounder of other organizations including Cogentus pharmaceuticals. He is a renowned investor that has made bold moves in the pharmaceutical companies. Jim has also served as an affiliate partner in a number of companies including prospect venture partners.

Jim Tananbaum ‘s career has grown in different ways, including a time when he served as the director of Aimmune pharmaceuticals. He has also served in several boards including the board of directors for NovaMed. He also served in the board of directors for intensive Healthcare Corporation. He has been an influential part in the healthcare industry. For more info, check out Jim Tananbaum’s profile on medium.com.

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