Imran Haque: Solving Your Internal Medicine Problems

Imran Haque is a dedicated medical expert working at the Horizon Internal Medicine medical facility situated in North Carolina. He is a reputable internal medicine specialist. He has offices in Asheboro and Ramseur where his patients can reach him for his extraordinary medical services. His experience in the field of medicine spans over 15 years, and during this period he has helped many people live healthy lives through his treatments.

Imran’s career in medicine started after receiving his Honors in Medicine from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). Afterward, he attended the University of Virginia Internal Medicine’s Roanoke-Salem Program where he honed his internal medicine skills. He later received his license to practice internal medicine in North Caroline after completing the training.

Through his Horizon Internal Medicine facility in Asheboro, North Carolina, Dr. Imran Haque offers a wide range of internal medicine services. As an internist, he is competent in diagnosing and prescribing treatment for many ailments such as Glaucoma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, and Pneumonia. At the Horizon Internal Medicine facility, he offers a number of treatments touching on internal medicine as well as wellness and cosmetics. Some of these treatments include:

360 Resurfacing
This is a skin treatment that involves the use of laser technology to revitalize the skin mostly in the neck, face and the chest. The treatment is done in stages, with each stage performed weekly. This is a delicate procedure, and thus it requires the surfaces of an expert like Dr. Imran Haque who is dedicated to their patients’ health.

Weight Management
Having been in the medical practice for many years, Dr. Imran Haque understands the risks associated with being overweight. In this regard, the Doctor has dedicated himself to provide solutions to overweight people for them to live healthy lives.

Diabetes Treatment
Dr. Imran has dedicated his experience in medicine in treating diabetic patients. He does this with passion and care, and that is why he has become one of the most trusted specialists by diabetic patients.

Laser Hair Removal
This is a cosmetic procedure which is used to remove hair from certain areas of the body and slow down any subsequent hair growth in the area. Dr. Imran Haque has performed many such procedures and has been successful in every procedure which has seen most of his patients trusting him.

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