Securus Technologies and the Inmate Communicator

When it comes to safety and inmate communications, Securus Technologies, located in Dallas, Texas, has been offering a great way for those that work in law enforcement to better aid in inmate communications. They can also help solve crimes and gather information from inmates. This is how the inmate communicator can help in this manner.


The inmate communicator has been available since 2016. It offers monitoring for inmates both on the phone while talking to other people on the outside, and the general public in the system. It has helped to solve crimes that previously, were not solvable. How did it do that? It did it by monitoring the people that live in the system. They often have the uncanny ability to forget that “everything they say in the system can and will be used against them.”


While this sounds like a joke about the Memorandum Rights that are read to each inmate, it is truly able to monitor the people that can frequently forget that they are not free, nor are they promised any privacy while in the system. They can be talking to a loved one on the phone, discussing things in their cell, hallway or anywhere. The inmate communication system provides that for those individuals.


Previously cold cases can be solved and search warrants can be granted based on the information that is overheard on the inmate communicator. People know that criminals keep things private in order to continue criminal activity. This can help put all of that to a hard stop.


The future of this product is just one piece of technology that Securus Technologies offers the people in the criminal justice system. As more technology comes along Securus Technologies will be there to provide it to the men and women of the criminal justice system to keep them safe and in better communications with the inmates they watch.

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