Doe Deere Gives Us Great Makeup

There are a lot of places you can get makeup that will help you to look and feel your best, but you may be wondering what Lime Crime has to offer. This line is something that you might not have known was even around, but it might be the best makeup you have ever used.


Why Lime Crime?


Lime Crime is a makeup line that Doe Deere created because there wasn’t makeup that she wanted to use on the market. She wanted something that was truly different. So, Lime Crime was born. This makeup line is loud and bright. It’s made for the fearless and fun and that might be just why you want to use it.




There are a ton of different colors you can choose from. They are usually bright and colorful for you to use when you go out or just to show who you are. These colors are bright blues, pinks, purples and greens to start, but there are several other options if you want something that just has a pop of color. You can also put more than one color together if you want something that is still bold, but needs to be toned down for work or other reasons.


Special Lines


Within the bright colors there are some that also have glitter in them. These colors are fun to add to your eyes to make them stand out, but you might not want to use this option for everyday makeup. This is particularly important if you have a day job that is more professional. These are made for night life or dates unless you have a profession that allows it.


Another special color option you might see is the metallic ones. These make the colors even more bold and fun, but may not be suitable for day wear. You can get another color that works with the metallic one to help tone it down so you can wear it when you are at work or other places. This is up to you and no one should make you change the way you look without you being okay with it.


There are a lot of makeup options for your needs, but Lime Crime has everything you could need for your makeup in one place. Why go someplace else when you can get day and night makeup in the same place? Lime Crime is a great company and has some of the best colors you will find. Give it a chance and see how you can make your look bolder and more fun.

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