Cotemar Is Revolutionizing The Energy Industry

Cotemar is an oil and gas company located in Mexico. Their largest customer is Petroleos Mexicanos, a company validates Cotemar’s results by attesting to their excellent customer service and ability to provide the best solutions possible. In addition to oil and gas services, Cotemar also integrates process equipment and effective indicators. They are able to accomplish these tasks with the help of their experienced and dedicated employees. This has allowed them to achieve an impressive and high performing business model. They base their services on a three part strategy: construction, modernization, and maintenance. This strategy keeps them on schedule and has proved to be the foundation on which the company was built. They also provide engineering, catering, accommodations, and specialized maritime support vessels.


Cotemar opened for business in 1979 as a service company in the energy industry. This is when they obtained the first set of specialized maintenance, dive, and personnel transportation vehicles. In 1985, Cotemar bought its first rig and began offering catering and accommodations services. It also became known as a “flotel”, thanks to its exemplary service and quality. In just three years Cotemar greatly increased its number of rigs and equipment in order to provide a larger amount of services. In 1996 the company had another expansion so it was able to work five rigs and three specialized vessels at the same time. This was a huge step toward their current success. They also made improvements to their personnel transportation, catering, and accommodations services. In 2012 COSCO began building two semi-submersible rigs. In order to move liquid and solid materials, they also added special crane and maintenance vessels at this time. The semi-submersible rigs were completed and delivered in 2015. Most recently in 2016, a child company of Cotemar was awarded the Cuichapa Pointe area contract. This was awarded after the company participated in a tender initiated by the Comision Nacional de Hidrocarburns.


Cotemar has made a name for itself in the energy industry. Not only do they provide excellent services and work hard for their customers, they also uphold a strong sense of community and try to give back whenever possible. They have managed to stay at the top of the game for so long by incorporating respect and strong ethics into their business dealings.


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