Dick DeVos Gives Back to Education

Dick DeVos is someone that I have taken a personal interest in. He is a billionaire, but his riches are not the thing that will start most conversations about him. Most people that read up on his will notice that his ability to give is what has made him someone that is worthy of conversation. He is one of the greatest philanthropists that I know of when it comes to education.


I know that there are other scholars and entertainers that have given to various causes over the years, but I have rarely seen someone in the business world give as much to education as Dick DeVos and his family have given. The last time I checked the DeVos family had contributed as much as a billion dollars to education, and this is still just a fraction of all that has been done by Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy. They actually have their own education foundation, and I believe that this is very noble when one considers all of the hard work and time that he has put into various business ventures.


As the son of the founder of Amway Dick DeVos found himself in a life of privilege where he was given many things, a quality education included, that many other children may not have been privileged to. I believe that this is what has made him someone that cares a lot about education. He is a person that believes much is given to those who have received much, and this largely comes from his faith and his upbringing. His wife has the same type of faith and understanding about giving back, and they make a great team when it comes to philanthropy.


Dick DeVos has proven that he knows a lot about business, but it also proves that he is concerned about other people and their needs as well. His giving shows that he is a person that is concerned about a better education system because he knows that this produces more quality business men and women.


I think the Dick DeVos is a very interesting business man, but I also believe that his greatest passion appears to be in giving back to education. He has proven this many times over with his generous giving, and I think that he is a person that is going to play a major part in education reform in the future.


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