An Inside Look at Lime Crime’s “Queen of the Unicorn”

It’s hard to miss Doe Deere. The incredibly successful female entrepreneur and founder of Lime Crime has a look of such beauty it just draws the eye. Her hair color changes from pale purple to hot pink to orange and the makeup she applies to her absolutely angel-like skin is always flawless.


Doe Deere is the founder and president of Lime Crime, a makeup brand about as unique as the founder herself. The brand specializes in a line of lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and other beauty products that encourage women and men to be bold and not be afraid to stand out for their unique sense of style. The brand also famously pioneered the on-lip swatches, giving people the chance to see what the lipstick would really look like, rather than seeing just a swatch on a white piece of paper.


Her love of Lime Crime users is truly at the top of the brand’s success. Her website prominently showcases real users that have shared photos of them wearing Lime Crime products, even further instilling why her followers are so loyal and feel like a true part of this company.


Doe, is known affectionately by her makeup brand’s cult-like following is known as the “Queen of the Unicorns.” She was recently profiled on Guest of a Guest talking about how to really make your dreams come true.


In the 8-slide article, she tells fans to follow their heart and that everyone, everywhere has something truly unique about them. She says that when you are true to that inner calling, that is when yourself and your calling start to blossom. She was passionate about makeup and self expression and she embraced that calling fully. She at first felt alone in her thinking of following such a niche calling, but later on learned that the way she felt was shared by many others and she began to pioneer the Lime Crime empire with that vision in mind. And hence, her army of Lime Crime lovers are uniquely loyal to the “Queen of the Unicorns.”


A very interesting woman, Doe grew up in Russia and moved to New York City to become a musician at age 17. She met her husband in a band and they collaborated instantly.



If you’d like to read the full article on Guest of a Guest highlighting the “Queen of the Unicorns,” it can be found here:


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