The growth and achievements of Success Academy

Background of the school


Success Academy Charter Schools is a charter school operator for 34 public schools in New York. It was founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz as Harlem Success Academy. The founder then opened more schools in New York. The schools had more than 9,000 students by mid of 2015. The success of these schools saw more than 22,000 applications for less than 2,700 slots that were available in the year2014/15. Two films put on record the desire that students had in joining Success Schools.


Teaching methods


The teaching methods used by these schools have had a major impact on the Success of these schools. The school emphizes on the qualities of discipline and positive strengthening. When a student has problems that are disruptive to themselves or other students, their parents are called in. To ensure that teaching is effective, the teachers are also examined and receive awards when their students perform well. Those, whose students do not perform well, are usually limited to tutoring if the performance does not improve. All these efforts are geared towards ensuring that the students perform to the best of their abilities.


Good performance


According to Halley Potter, who makes his studies about charter schools at the Century Foundation, Success Academy has a strong model for producing the best scores. The schools put a lot of work and resources towards teaching and inspiring students to take exams so that they can perform better. They give away prizes to the students as a way of motivating the students to take practice tests. These efforts are done so that the students can psychologically ready to perform better in school. This success made the school to receive a National Blue Ribbon in 2015 from U.S. Department of Education.


Admission to the Success Academy and expansion of the sector


Success Academy has called for the expansion of the charter school sector. This is because of the huge number of applications that the school has received against the available slots in the schools. This goes to show the level of success that Success Academy is having. The highest percentages of students in the school are considered to be those from low-income families

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