Kim Dao has Fun at Disneyland

Kim Dao takes us to Disneyland in Japan, first purchasing a fast pass then, Kim and her friends are on the fast track to the rides. They have a bit of smoky chicken first so they have enough energy for the day. Kim Dao looks happy as she boards the Magic Carpet Ride, which looks like amazing fun.


It is no trip to Disney without floating through the “It’s a Small World” ride. This ride gives a glimpse to visitors of what it is like in other parts of the world. All sizes and ages are welcome on the Merry-go-Round, so Kim Dao jumps on a horse for a magical ride. Kim Dao started to feel like a child again as she glided around the carousel.


It was a little bit of a downer when it began to rain, but Kim Dao is a trooper and pushed right through it. The weather couldn’t make up it’s mind as to whether it wanted to rain or not, but it was off to the Little Mermaid area of the park for her. The Little Mermaid area is one of Kim Dao’s favorite spots in the park just because it is so magical.


After the magical sparks, Kim Dao knew it was time for an ice cream cone break. It didn’t only look delicious, it tasted delicious too. Kim Dao certainly knows how to have fun at Disneyland. It is more like a magical park than an amusement park. Take Kim Dao’s word for it, Disneyland Tokyo is the place to visit.


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