Waiakea Redefines Sustainable and Purity of Bottled Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is first triple bottom line bottled water mostly recognized for its purity, taste, social good, and commitment to conserving the environment. During the 10 Best Water awards, Waiakea water was declared the Best Water Brand of 2017 and scooped the second place. It also came first place in the Best Volcanic Water of 2017 beating household names such as Icelandic Glacial, Fiji, Smartwater, Evian, and Voss.

Emerging but Highly Influential

Despite being an emerging brand, this is the third year in a row that Waiakea has been honored as one of the best water brands. It is the first US water to achieve the CarbonNeutral certification hence proving to be a major conduit of transformation in the beverage industry.

According to its founder, Ryan Emmons, their initial goal when starting Waiakea water was to change the bottled water industry from within. They took the responsibility of setting a positive example for the entire CPG industry. The company has taken reforestation initiatives, has sustainable sourcing, and uses 100% RPET Packaging.

The Best 10 Water recognized Waiakea as one of the most influential water brands in the world today. Ryan feels that their continued philanthropic and environmental initiatives affirm the strength their product has in initiating positive change.

A Series of Awards

Food and beverages critics at Grubstreet awarded Waiakea at the 1st position in the Best Tasting water category. According to Ryan Emmons, these awards are proof that the customer preference is rapidly shifting towards more sustainable, ethically conscious, and healthier products.

He predicts a brighter future for Waiakea water and related brands and confirms that the company is eagerly waiting to see how the future unfolds.

About Waiakea

According to Crunchbase, Waiakea water gets its volcanic water from Hawaiian active Mauna Lao volcano, which is one source of the world’s purest water. The water is passed through thousand feet of porous lava rock for purification before re-emerging at the eastern base of the volcano in a secluded area rich in a bio-diverse forest.

Waiakea water is rich in a mineral composition including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and has proper Ph. The water also has ideal silica composition which leaves a silky and soft mouth feel.

Ryan Emmons was motivated to start a water company after realizing that the water he consumed during summer when he spent time with his family was something special.

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