ARES Security Corporation’s Recapitalization Needs Are Handled By Madison Street Capital


It’s been announced that Madison Street Capital has successfully concluded the minority recapitalization transaction for ARES Security Corporation. Madison Street Capital, acting as the exclusive financial adviser, handled the minority equity and debt investment, the capital for which was provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. ARES Security Corporation is an enterprise security risk management company while Madison Street Bank is an international investment firm.


The negotiations for the minority recapitalization was led by Reginald McGaugh who serves as the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital. In a statement, Mr. McGaugh said that he was glad to work with the President of ARES Security, Ben Eazzetta.


Ben Eazzetta also made comments about the transaction which included thanking the team at Madison Street Capital. He said he was impressed with not only the process of the minority recapitalization but also the professionalism that everyone at Madison Street Capital has exhibited. Mr. Eazzetta continued saying that, along with the company’s new capital structure, the future of ARES Security looked bright.


Corbel Structured Equity Partners offered ARES Security the best path forward due to the flexible capital solution they offered and how supportive they will be of ARES Security’s ongoing operations. Another benefit of partnering with Corbel was allowing ARES Security access to their numerous industry contracts in order to boost their sales momentum.


Madison Street Capital provides specialized financial services and advice to companies around the world. They offer their expertise in a number of different types of financial transactions including mergers & acquisitions, capital restructuring, bankruptcy, and corporate governance among others. Additional services include business valuations, asset management, tax planning, and wealth preservation.


Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and is led by Chief Executive Officer Charles Botchway. The company also has two office locations in India. Madison Street Capital reputation has led to the company winning 5 The M&A Advisor awards including being named as the International M&A Award winner in 2016 and the Turnaround Award Winner in 2017.


As part of its corporate code of being social responsible Madison Street Capital has helped fund the United Ways mission to provide relief in disaster-stricken areas. Among the causes that Madison Street Bank has helped are the disaster relief efforts on the East and Gulf coasts.


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  1. He went on to say that ARES Security exceptional management team that had challenged him to find the right financing partner that would meet their needs in this negotiation. It is actually the issue in which may have been able to handle the request for all and sundry to understand fully.

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