Kevin Seawright Helps Baltimore Communities by Offering Homeownership Opportunities for First-time Buyers

Kevin Seawright, a financial professional in real estate development serves Baltimore communities by working with first-time homebuyers to get into affordable homes. He has fourteen years of experience leading financial and administrative operations working for Baltimore Housing Authority and other corporations.

After one year in service, the company has completed renovated property developments in the city and nearby areas, and is in the process of developing other properties.

Homeownership growth is top priority for Mr. Seawright and RPS Solutions to stabilize the economy in Baltimore neighborhoods. The homeowners rate was below 50 percent last year, which is the main reason for RPS providing solutions to increase its growth, in 2017.

Kevin Seawright is working with city leaders and Housing & Community Development to renovate houses in financially stressed neighborhoods. The demand for housing continues to rise among millennials from the age of 25 up to 35 years old. By the end of 2016, Kevin completed the development of properties in Belvedere Square, West Edmondale, and Parkville neighborhoods.

RPS Solutions is presently working on housing developments in Carney, Belair-Edison, and Cedonia. Seawright has extensive expertise to help first homebuyers with qualifying for new and renovated real estate properties and securing mortgage loans. He obtained his financial experience while serving as Finance Director of the Department of Housing & Community Development’s Homeless Services in Baltimore, Maryland.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright also served as Partner Director for Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors,, in Washington DC. His ability to lead and build teams for various corporations, such as Newark Community Economic Development Corporation empowered him to successfully create a team of professionals at RPS Solutions.

Kevin Seawright is creating a strong presence in Baltimore communities and promoting homeownership solutions and services to meet the housing demand of millennials.

It’s the mission of RPS to contribute to enhancing the city of Baltimore and nearby areas by offering affordable housing solutions and services to young working adults.

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  1. In 2015, he founded RPS Solutions to offer homeownership opportunities to prospective buyers. Improved communities and neighborhoods attract businesses to boost the local economy and provide employment opportunities. The truth of the matter is that can also have an attempt on doing the just thing if persist.

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