Copa Star Hospital in Brazil Pushes Technology

The Copa Star Hospital in Brazil has received global recognition as a model for high tech innovative medical treatments. Its design has smart operating rooms for patients, robotic equipment, intensive care units, and visual images that help guide surgeons with operations.In the intensive care unit patients receive round the clock monitoring.

Their operating room use magnetic resonance imaging combined with technology that let’s doctors see medical scans while they perform surgery. They can send these images to experts around the world for consultations. The architect that designed Copa Star was Roderigo Sambaguy from RAF architecture. He focused on designing a hospital with the comfort of patients in mind. Their firm On has many years experience in designing hospitals. The design lowered the overall energy consumption by almost 50% in the hospital.

Even the concrete used in the Copa Star has a solid history of performance.The special concrete is the Penetron System that uses special crystalline technology to strengthen the concrete.

This upscale hospital has a grand piano, plush sofas, artwork and restaurant in the lobby. It looks like a five star hotel. The group that designed the Copa Star wanted to design the most modern hospital in Brazil. This %400 million dollar hospital specializes in cardiology and neurology. They hope to surpass some of the top hospitals in their country.

The Copa Star has nine operating rooms, over 155 patient rooms or suites, and 59 ICU rooms. They designed an applications on the patient’s bed that controls the lights, curtains, has a video conference with doctors, and shows patients test results on The building uses natural light that adds more warmth to the interior. There are over 200 pieces of art in the hospital.

ICU patients can connect to the outside world using video technology. There is a camera on the streets that connects to a screen showing videos that and it functions like a window. Cameras are mounted on the roof of the Copa Star and show patients images of the beach nearby.

The nurses receive two months of specialized training for different situations that patients face. The designers used energy saving material to build the facility and focus on bring patients the latest medical technology.

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  1. Concrete tends to eventually crack and this material keeps this from happening and lets the concrete breathe when moisture seeps into it. The Copa Star has 550 doctors, nurses, and medical support staff. There are many things that help with dissertation could have done to ensure nothing bad happens to them all.

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